I’m diving into learning the Elastic stack: Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana. My aim is to use it to enable the local school here to extract useful information from the reams of lesson plan .docs they have laying around. Useless data right now.

There’s a bunch going on, and the actual process I’ll need to follow to ETL the data I do have into a usuable state isn’t entirely clear to me yet. I know I can just throw it into elastic and get full text search, but the data is semi-structured already, so I’d like to be able to extract ESLRs, times, teacher names into fields outright.

Too much theory on a bunch of interlocking systems is confusing, so my next task is to follow the documentation, test some simpler use cases, then work back on my desired project.

I anticipate this will be my WGU capstone, so I’ll be working up lots of documentation along the way.