After spending what seemed like the entire month of December and about half of January doing nothing but schoolwork, life is calming down. Between me and graduation are only 3 things:

  • the OCP certification test
  • a prescribed Android app project
  • my capstone, essentially this is a senior thesis that will need to heavily emphasize the SDLC

I have plenty of time. So much so that in addition to planning to buck for a capstone excellence award, I have time and energy to devote to other things.

Beyond raising the sweet baby Reuel I mean.

Where am I allocating this excess of energy? After all, one can’t study for the OCP all day every day.

  • I’ve gone back to doing some FCC exercises, and hanging out in their gitter. My knowledge of JS, espespecially the advanced frameworks, is pretty sparse and although I don’t exactly want to develop React apps for a living, I figure it can only make me more well rounded.
  • In contrast, the little time I’ve spent learning the basics of infosec/pentesting is so much more deligtful, if less directly applicable to career advancement.
  • Which brings up the major way I’ve spent time, in job/interview prep of one variety or another. At a minmum I need to beat my resume into something workable, highlighting as much as possible what experince I do have.

Blogging is sadly not yet part of my daily or weekly workflow, though perhaps it should be. I’m getting there, and hope to write more about all of the above.