Less than a month has passed of my second term at WGU, and I’m just about done with my enrolled classes for the 6 month term. A couple of database classes are in hand, as is CompTIA’s Network+ certification, all that remains officially is a database adminstration class on the hairier parts of SQL.

Of course I don’t plan on stopping there. The winter school break presents me with a rare opportunity–the chance to schedule certification tests during the work week without having to worry about who will take care of the baby. To that end, my goal is to further finish the Security+ and Project+ certifications before 9 January. With focus, it should just be possible.

I started at WGU in March of 2016, all the GenEd credits out of the way and about 95 credits to do in order to finish a bachelor’s degree long delayed. 44 remain, and by early January only 33 will remain. My longterm aim is now to finish the entirety of the degree plan by the end of May, marking 15 months and 2 terms of study.