I’m still not sure how to properly do the work of reflection while I’m at RC.

Blogposts for each day? Potentially unfocused, a lot of work to feel good about publishing to the harshness of the tubes, but easily available to family/friends/future employers.

Zulip checkins? Lack of focus isn’t necessarily considered a problem, a quick bullet list is probably plenty of effort, and the audience is highly receptive…but also inherently limited.

Paper journal? It’s possible that deliberately unstructured writing without the crutch of a computer will provide the most personal benefit, but there would be no accountability, no visibility, and I’d want to chunk and collate my reflections into more publishable segments eventually anyway.

Choices. “You can do it, but you don’t have to.”

At 5 AM the day after my first day at RC, I still don’t know how I want to reflect on the work that I do here: more frightening I still don’t know what I want to do here. Yesterday was essentially a deluge of ideas, people, and information, and I haven’t fully processed any of it.

I talked about the following topics with folks:

  • race conditions
  • government involvement in internet censorship
  • NY and food
  • assembly poetry!
  • Signal’s “double ratchet” protocol
  • Elm and making impossible state impossible to model
  • jobs and interviews and anxiety

I have two relatively concrete plans:

  • help organize a Nand2Tetris work group
  • work on implementing the double ratchet protocol

I did the following work:

  • a short pairing session doing some string manipulation with JS and node