I decided this week to stop haphazardly trying to get more physically fit but instead shoot for a concrete goal: running a 5K.

Physical exercise can’t be that different than mental exercise right? Having a goal and pushing towards it means miles better productivity when it comes to coding or computers. It seems logical the same must be true in other aspects of life.

I’m following a guide and have a goal race pace in mind: 30 minutes. That isn’t particularly fast for my gender/age, but a little reaserch indicated that the 28-32 minute range was “acceptable” for a first timer. It’s a 10 kph pace, something I (against all odds!) mananged to keep up this week for 1.6 km.

I’ve never loved running as much as some, but it’s easy to set solid goals with running, and I actually did run the mile in 7th/8th grade.

And maybe with a goal in mind, rather than just “you should run”, I actually will enjoy it!

Looking around locally, my best bet for an actual race might be Bali in August. But on a more casual level I can run a “race” at a park sooner than that.